Traditional incense burning

The fish (鱼) is an important symbol in the Chinese culture and mythology. The sound of world 鱼 (Yu) is similar to the sound of affluence/abundance (富裕 – Fùyù), for this reason the fish became popular and important as cultural symbol. Here … Continue reading

Xionggu Temple, Yulong, Lijiang, Yunnan, China

丽江 Lijiang Night&Day, Yunnan

Mao Zedong – 毛泽东

A big Mao Zedong (毛泽东) statue in Lijiang (Yunnan)

Yunnan Women

Er Lake – Erhai (ěrhǎi, 洱海) Dali – Yunnan- China

Er Lake calls Erhai (ěrhǎi, 洱海) in Mandarin, is a big alpine lake located in Yunnan region, south-west China near Dali city.

South Korea – Seoul – October 2014 – Traditional meal

Rice accompanied with a multitude of side dishes: season vegetables, soup, meat, fish (in this case eel), beans and more over. And of course kimchi! Kimchi is the base of Korean food, a  mixture of various pickled vegetables really spicy. Here … Continue reading

South Korea – Seoul – October 2014

A traditional Korean main house door in Insa-dong  

South Korea – October 2014 – Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress

more information about Hanbok

South Korea – October 2014 – Gwangjang Night Food Market – Seoul

I went in south Korea last October and one of the best experience in Seoul was The Gwangjang Night Food Market. This market have more than 100 year of history, during the day is a second-hand clothes and fabric market but … Continue reading

Try to back!

As usual for long time I forgot my blog and, sorry, also about my follower. I need to thanks my friend Mary Halloran and her blog Because she have the passion to continue do it, to increase day by day her … Continue reading

COLORTASTE Shanghai Edition

COLORTASTE Shanghai Edition

The COLORTASTE photo exhibition comes to Shanghai for the first time from 3 June at Shanghai Italian Center

马新年快乐 🐎 Happy New Year

马新年快乐 🐎 Happy New Year

Yunnan, the trip and the changes.

Dear friends and followers, sorry but in the past days I hadn’t line and I was too busy to write or download pictures. My trip continue but it’s totally different from the initial project. My trip’s partner decided to go … Continue reading

Finally I went out from Kunming

Yesterday, after two hours of cycling I went out from Kunming. Traffic jam and rain didn’t help me in my first day of trip but finally I started this adventure. I’m in a huge and low profile Chinese hotel, but … Continue reading